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About The Host of the Show

Barbara McNab Grinage was born in Belize City, Belize to Rosalee McNab née Gomez and former Olympian Denfield McNab. Barbara is the 2nd of four children. She  migrated to America with her family at the age of 15. During her tenure at Saint Catherine's Academy, she took home economics classes, and that's where her love of cooking was birthed.


Barbara decided to try her hand at writing, and wrote 5 self-published books. She then created her cooking show, "The Bare Pantry Show" on the YouTube platform as a means to sell her books. In 2018, Barbara decided to redo the Belizean cookbook to improve on it's quality, She renamed it "Beans & Rice Volume ll," and added more of her family's authentic Belizean recipes in this new edition. 

Barbara wrote and self-published her second cookbook "The Pantry Laid Bare" a collection of recipes that features comfort dishes, and better than restaurant quality dishes for people to make at home. In 2021, Barbara published her third cookbook "No More Leftovers", that would include the small batch version of many of her classic recipes and the addition of some brand new recipes. In 2023, Barbara published 2 book on Amazon's KDP. "The Bread Book You Knead" and "The Belizean Cookbook You Need."


"The Bare Pantry Show" has been streamed on YouTube for 12 years and has over 106,000 subscribers! It's also featured prominently on the Facebook platform since 2018 and boasts over 226,000 followers. The show features Barbara as the host and her husband and their 3 young adult children make appearances. Barbara and her crew teach the viewers in an easy, fun style, how to make Belizean dishes and other dishes out of very few ingredients. She is also an influencer on Amazon with many video reviews of the products she uses on her cooking show. Barbara says her greatest joy is being blessed with the opportunity to share her knowledge about the food and culture of her beautiful home country of Belize with the world.

The Bare Pantry Show is growing and looking for businesses and content creators for collaborations. If you’d like to discuss working together, request recipes for the show, or other collaboration ideas send your request to:

I look forward to hearing from you and how we can work together.


Barbara  McNab   Grinage

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