Pockets empty? Pantry Bare?

No problem mon

Pockets empty? Pantry bare?

No problem mon!

It doesn't matter how old young or old you are, I can show you how to whip up delicious meals in no time at all.

Beans and Rice has long been considered a staple food in the Caribbean. Growing up in Belize, Sundays were always special. After being spiritually fed at church, we would rush home to devour a plate of rice and beans, potato salad, stewed chicken and fried ripe plantains. It didn't matter if the cupboard/pantry was bare, my Aunt Tileen knew how to use basic ingredients to make meals that truly satisfied. The reason I created the show on YouTube and the reason why I wrote my Belizean recipe book is to share information on how to eat during the recession. Many people are struggling, and there are many days when the pantry is truly bare. I'm here to say "Don't despair, I'll teach you how to make a meal out of basically nothing so you and your loved ones never to have to go to bed hungry."


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